To Con, Or Not To Con?

I don’t usually re-post stuff from Facebook, especially because you can just go see it on my Facebook page, if you really want to. I thought I would make an exception this time to try to preserve a little bit of history and information.

Here is what I had to say after attending MileHiCon:

Did I mention I got to sit in on panels with Michaelbrent Collings,Stephen Graham Jones, Carrie Vaughn, David Boop, M.H. Boroson, Rebecca Lyons, Marne Ann Kirk, and Terry Kroenung? Seriously? I was surrounded by genius! And they were all kind enough, patient enough, and generous enough to let me talk too. Although, I have to make it very clear, I was much more interested in what they had to say than what I had to say. It was a pleasure to see you all.

As you can see, I was pretty happy about it. Then I saw this post by David Boop (edited to protect the innocent) :

Great things that happened at the Con: I met CJ Henderson and his wife in person after knowing him online for years. Time spent over dinner with them, (and the De Marcos) was incredible and educational. I may also have a new writing partner out of it. I also got to do one of my favorite things; drink scotch with Steven Brust. His room, like a back alley speakeasy, was the place all weekend to drop in, talk publishing or whatever. …

I promptly shared David’s post with my friends and added this (also edited to protect the innocent):

I wanted to share this so that all of my friends who don’t know my ‘author’ friends, and who have never been to a Con, get a sneak peak into my world. When I said you should come check out MileHiCon, I meant it. It could have been you drinking scotch with Stephen Brust. I hung out with him for a cool couple of minutes. It could have been you having dinner with Cj Henderson. I was invited but had to turn it down (family issues). I did get to hang with CJ quite a bit over the weekend, and he is a fantastic person! Did either of those names ring a bell? Do you read Sci-Fi or fantasy? I guarantee that if you have ever poked around in a book store in those sections you have seen one of their books. It could have been you… 

Is this true? Can life be like this? Well…yes. Find a local convention and go. As long as you are not going to one of the huge national Cons, there is a very good chance you could meet someone very interesting.  Hmmm…let me re-phrase that, because you always meet interesting people at Cons. That’s what Cons are: interesting people.  What I should have said was: there is a very good chance that you could introduce yourself to one of your favorite authors, and actually have a chance to get to know them.

So should you go to a Con?

Did I mention I got to meet Cherie Priest?

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