Happy Independence Day!

As an independent author, I would like to celebrate my independence and my control over my books by giving away the e-versions of them for…FREE!

What? Sam, have you gone mad? Free? Why?

Because I CAN!

You read in the news/online all the time about authors who got screwed or publisher that blah blah blah…

I am in the mood to celebrate and I want you to celebrate with me!

So…  Here are places you can get my e-books for FREE!

Wait, Sam. What do you get out of this?

I get the pleasure of knowing more people have read my books! But if you really feel like you should pay, please, as a form of payment, leave a review. I’m not asking for a twenty-star, you love me, I am the best ever review. I just want an honest one. It is enough for me that you would take the time to do so. Where to leave the review? Well, everywhere, to be honest. Just because you buy it in one place doesn’t mean you can’t review it in all places! Goodreads, Amazon, Kobo, B&N, your personal blog, wherever would be great!

But, I can’t afford to do this forever. This is where my $$$ comes from!


Sorry. I couldn’t resist. Seriously though. This is a 4th of July weekend special, and then it’s gone! I probably won’t ever do this again, so don’t put it off, do it now!

Sam! Question about formats!


What can I get?

Well, Kobo has free apps for many different platforms that will let you read on your phone or tablet (or on their readers, of course!) and Smashwords has pretty much any format you want to download, including reading online.



Why didn’t you make them free on Amazon?

Um, well… I’m not interested in joining the KDP Select program at this time, and that is the only way to put e-books up for free on Amazon right now.

Any more questions? No? Good.

Wait! Sam! What about your kids books, the anthologies, and the novellas?

The kids books are no longer available in e-format as they just plain don’t look good on anything smaller than a tablet, and I felt that was not up to my standards. Everything else I don’t own the copyright to (perhaps I do to my individual story, but not the book that is for sale).

So… Ready?

Here goes! I hope you like them!

WhiskeyJack_MurderofCrows (Lance Card)




zombie luau cover small




Time Travel Trio



Four Adventure!



small town santa_edited-2





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