Spam Spam Spam

I enjoy the occasional Spam sandwich, but blog spam is something new to me since I put up this web site and opened up the comments.

I don’t enjoy blog spam. I don’t understand it. E-mail spam I get, kind of. I know they are trying to sell me something (Fail. I will never buy from a spammer.) or trick me into their web site to plant malware on my computer to steal information. But what are the blog spammers doing?

They are increasing the ‘presence’ of their web site in the eyes of the search engines by having more links back to them. So they are going for free advertising. Okay. I get that too. I don’t like it, but I get it.

No, I don’t. Most of the spam links I followed back to see what they were, were gibberish. They were links to newly created sites with every link coming back to the one first page that appears to advertise something, but does not. Everything written on it is nonsensical, something that went through Google Translator from Swahili to Russian to English and came out Pig Latin as interpreted by a Martian.

Why promote that kind of a website? Why generate hundreds of links to a bogus web page? Is it to try to plant malware again? It didn’t seem to be. None of my computer’s spider senses went off, none of the magic wards glowed.

A possible reason is Adversarial information retrieval. This seems intent on screwing up search engines, market research, and advertising stuff. Seems silly to me.

I just don’t get it. I mean I don’t understand it. I do get it. I get a lot of it. But I don’t understand why. If you know, drop me a line, explain it to me.

Meanwhile, I apologize for the password spam filter. It is courtesy of Spam Free WordPress, and I am grateful to have access to it.

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