Sam Knight by Lauren Lang

Short Bio

Sam Knight has worked for three different publishers, curated five anthologies, authored six children’s books, four short story collections, three novels, and over five dozen short stories, including a Planet of the Apes story and a Wayward Pines story, both co-authored with Kevin J. Anderson.

A stay-at-home father, Sam attempts to be a full-time writer, but there are only so many hours left in a day after kids. Once upon a time, he was known to quote books the way some people quote movies, but now he claims having a family has made him forgetful, as a survival adaptation.

Longer Bio

Sam Knight is a work-at-home father with a wonderful wife who has allowed him the opportunity to write and watch their children grow. After living in wine country for ten years (the inspiration for A Whiskey Jack in a Murder of Crows), he returned to his native Colorado, where his family immediately conspired to convince him to once again try the only sport that ever made him feel truly mortal. Skiing.

He enjoys the outdoors and the mountains in particular, but has to admit, after living on the shores of a lake in California for ten years, he got used to having the water around and kind of misses it. Except for those times it stank of dead fish.

As the children get older, don’t be surprised if you see him dragging them across the Royal Gorge, up the Great Sand Dunes, or down into Mesa Verde. Or, most likely, into a new hole in the wall restaurant he never noticed before, where he can indulge in his favorite hobby- new foods.

While researching a  Western story idea given to him by his grandfather, he was not surprised to find out that, once upon a time, half of his family had been on the wrong side of the law. It stands to reason that when your great-great- grandfather was a marshal in Cripple Creek, Colorado, someone in the family had to be a horse thief. He was, however, surprised to find the family name had originally been McKnight and that the thieves had taken the ‘Mc’ part of the name with them.

Having served a stint working in a correctional facility, Sam has often wondered if being a lawman runs in the blood. His great-grandfather upheld the law in Mooreland, Oklahoma, as well as Springfield and Florence, Colorado, among other places, with his grandfather and great uncle occasionally called upon to assist.

Sam is not trying to push the kids into becoming Johnny Law. Having touched on it a bit personally, he realizes it takes a special kind of person, not only to do the job, but to do it well and not be consumed by it. However, he is trying hard to make sure they understand this was the one and only time they wanted to be behind bars.

Currently they are all working together to create a history their own grandkids can wonder at.

At the Secret Falls, in Kauai. The secret is how cold the falls are! Brrrrrrr! Actually, on a hot muggy day, after kayaking up the river in the hot sun and hiking in over slippery, muddy, jungle tree roots, it felt pretty good!

The Grand Canyon of the Pacific. I am amazed at the variation of the Biomes in Kauai.

An interview at OsFest .