Stasis and The Winner

These poems were originally published on The Mystic Nebula but their website went down in Dec. 2015, so I have re-posted them here.



Cataclysmic explosions
Unimaginably huge collisions
Not only of planets, or of stars, but of entire galaxies

Ripped asunder
Smashed together
Violent colors sprayed across the universe

It should be terrifying
Terrible, frightening
But it is frozen beauty on the grandest of scale

As I watch
I have to wonder
Is there something that watches me

If I really move
Or if I am as still as the stars

The Winner

I have conquered this world
Every beast, mountain, ocean, and tree.
They said it wouldn’t be done
They said it could never be
But I have done it, I have done it, I HAVE DONE IT!

As I float in the black among the stars above
Oh! It is such a glorious sight to see.
The ashes smoldering down below
Of the world that accused me of microencephaly.