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I often get asked about where my books are sold, and for recommendations on books, so here is an easy way to find most of them on Amazon. If you would like to find them at other retailers, please feel free to do so. The individual web pages for each book on this website have alternate locations where they may be purchased.

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Blazing Uncanny Trails- an anthology of Sam Knight’s Weird Westerns

I am excited to announce a collection of nine of my Weird Western stories, including 2 never before published! Available for pre-order now, releasing on 8/31/17, in e-book and print versions, including a Hardcover Edition and a LARGE PRINT Edition for those of us who hate our reading glasses! (The Large Print Edition has been discounted at Barnes&Noble!)

Blazing Uncanny Trails

Lizard Men, Thunder Birds, Ghosts, Gods, and Monsters live in the Wild West.

May God have mercy on those poor souls unlucky enough to run into them.

9 Weird Western short stories by Sam Knight, including one co-authored with Rhye Manhattan and two new, never-before published stories!

Old Snorter
Moshito Masquine
Working the Salt Mine
Uncle Benjamin’s Triple ‘T’ Tonic
Tracking Old Mose
Running from the Thunder
From Out of the Storm
The Offspring*
The Dead Moon*

*never before published


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