Tinker, Tailor, Toy Soldier Maker

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Tinker, Tailor, Toy Soldier Maker

Published by Story of the Month Club December 2015

Republished in A Baker’s Dozen of Magic: Story of the Month Club 2015 Anthology

Reprinted in Blazing Uncanny Trails 2, April 2020, Knight Writing Press

This was originally written in 2014 for a Steampunk Christmas anthology that David B. Riley (publisher of Story Emporium, Steampunk Trails, Science Fiction Trails, and more) had wanted to to. Unfortunately, the project fell apart and was never completed (as happens with so many great ideas). I had the opportunity to read it at the Broadway Book Mall in December 2014, along with some of the other authors whose stories were to have been in that anthology. All in all, that was a great night.

Side note: David  had asked me to look into cover ideas for the project. Here are some of the concept ideas I had been working on:

Steampunk christmas b_edited-3Gearing Up For Christmas2Steampunk Christmas toonSteampunk Christmas