Editorial Testimonials

I had the privilege of working with Sam Knight on a steampunk anthology he was editing. The notes he sent helped improve my work, and I was very pleased with the final product. All through the process, Mr. Knight kept me informed with its progress, and even after its publication, he continues to keep in touch.  I enjoyed the experience and look forward to new opportunities to work with Mr. Knight again.  — B. J. Beck


I have used Sam Knight as an editor on a number of projects and always found him to be thorough and insightful. His comments, though sometimes barbed, are spot on and will improve any story.  — Jessica Brawner


Sam Knight has a deft hand with editing, working hard to make sure the author’s voice shines through with every story. Every time I have asked him to edit my work, he has done so in a timely and consistent fashion and I have always been highly pleased with the quality of his work — Vivian Caethe


Sam Knight has edited many of my short stories. They are all better for his red pen. He has an excellent grasp of story flow, development and grammar. I’d trust him with any of my words. — J.A. Campbell


I had the pleasure of working with Sam on a short story anthology. He’s thorough but kind. As with all editors, you won’t always like what he tells you, but Sam is concise, and gives you advice without rewriting your story for you. Your story’s success is his objective. I would definitely work with him again. — Carolyn Kay


Sam caught all my story’s errors, big and tiny, from grammar and punctuation to any jarring-irregularities with the characters or story structure. He graciously allowed me to make my own corrections, to keep the same style and story-flow, instead of just arrogantly sending me his rewritten ‘edit.’ He was at all times professional, thorough, courteous – and willing to intelligently interact with me when we disagreed. We “disagreed” over the ending to my story. But I wanted the original ending to stand, and I explained why. So he let it stand. (Yes, he’s THAT good!) — Marilyn K. Martin


Sam Knight was my editor for the story that was published in STEAMPUNK: Other Worlds anthology and working with him was everything you could hope from an editor: his work is concise and professional and the story was the better for it. At no point did I feel his editorial work was constraining my prose nor were his comments making me wonder if we were working on the same story.  — Igor Rendic


As a professional writer for a multi-billion dollar company and a science fiction author, I know the value of quality material. When anything less than the best won’t do, it’s extremely important to ensure accuracy, fluidity, and functionality in all published material by enlisting the aid of someone to provide an impartial, analytical set of eyes. Sam Knight did exactly that recently for one of my short stories.

Sam not only identified a few errant keystrokes in my work, he also provided an alternative construction technique I hadn’t considered. The modification to my work increased its potential potency and could very well be a determining factor in demand for additional material.

If you need a fresh perspective, as well as content analysis for your work, I recommend contacting Sam for support. You’ll be glad you did. —  Rod Spurgeon