Sins of the Final Father

Sins of the Final Father

***No Longer Available as of the closing of Kindle Worlds***

Robert ‘Mac’ McIntosh has had a difficult time adapting to Wayward Pines. In fact, the only thing keeping him from leaving, one way or another, is his son, Bobby. It’s bad enough being forced to put up with the secretive things being taught to Bobby at school, but when Bobby says Mac isn’t really his father? That is a type of brain-washing he won’t stand for, and Megan Fisher, the school teacher, has some explaining to do.

Unless Sheriff Pope has something to say about it…

Warning: This story contains spoilers. If you have not read the first book in the Wayward Pines Trilogy, Pines by Blake Crouch, I recommend you do so before reading this story. It is my belief that you do not need to have read Pines in order to enjoy this story, but rather I am concerned with reducing your enjoyment of that story with things that may be given away here.

Sins of the Final Father is set approximately two and a half years prior to the events of Pines, the first book in Blake Crouch’s series, and shortly before the events of Aberration, a Kindle Worlds story by Kevin J. Anderson and Sam Knight.

A Kindle Worlds Novella, this is only available in e-format and only through Amazon.