The Isolated Pawn



When the old gods rise from their slumber, the world will be torn asunder. An old man sits alone, trapped in a cave with nothing but a beat-up travel chess game to keep him sane. Perhaps he’s not really alone. Perhaps he’s not really sane.

The Isolated Pawn appears in the Cthulhu Passant anthology. A collection of Cthulhu chess stories. How does one come up with the idea of a collection of Cthulhu chess stories? If you don’t know, you’ve never sat in a bar with a bunch of writers trying to one-up each other.

“All proceeds from this book go to the support of women whose lives have been affected by addiction and domestic violence. The horrors to be found within this book hold little comparison to theirs.
The beneficiary of these proceeds is Asbury House, a shelter and care organization in Fort Collins, Colorado. For more information about who they are and what they do, go to”

As a larger profit goes to Asbury house through these two links, might I suggest you consider them first?


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