These are not the Sam Knights you were looking for… Move along. Move along.

The first time I typed “Sam Knight” into my internet search engine (Before Google. I think it was AltaVista, or maybe Lycos. Might have been NorthernLight, though. I used all of them.) I got no hits. Zero, zilch, nada. Not even “sponsored results”. Can you imagine? I must have been living in the stone ages, right?

Now, if you search for “Sam Knight”, you’ll find “About 102,000,000 results (0.26 seconds)”.

My people have grown considerably in twenty years.

Seriously, though. I get a lot of hits from people looking for someone “not” me. So I put this together to help those lost travelers along their way, in hopes they will remember that kindness and come back and visit.

If the person you were looking for is a journalist, in London, you probably wanted this information:



If you were looking for a journalist, in Washington DC, you probably wanted this information:



If you were looking for a very talented hairstylist, you probably wanted this information:



There are, of course, approximately 101,999,997 other Sam Knights to find, but so far these are the only ones I have been mistaken for. There is an actor, an actress, a model, and a couple of fictional characters. They are all much harder to get in contact with, and I wish you the best should you need to.

There are also other authors named Sam Knight, and more and more of their books are popping up. I would not wish to take any credit for any work they have done, and therefore I will do my best to maintain a comprehensive list of my publications,in or out of print, on this website.



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