Broken (A Flash Fiction Piece)

Broken was posted at The Lascaux Review Flash fiction contest and was based upon an image they had posted for “inspiration.” Their website has unfortunately since gone down.

Here is the story as it appeared there:



Just like his bank account. Just like his life. And now, just like his face.

He stared into the shattered mirror’s reflection, letting the kaleidoscope of Las Vegas’ lights play across his eyes, letting it distract him from the pain.

He felt the warm trickle of blood running down his face. Not much different than the feel of sweat in the Vegas heat.

It wasn’t enough that he’d lost his mind, gotten drunk, gotten high . . . gotten married in Vegas. No, it wasn’t enough. Vegas hadn’t been done with him yet.

She had turned out to be a Con, cleared out his bank account and left him on the street, credit cards maxed out, cash gone, car hocked.

The police hadn’t seemed to care.

He had wandered, hung over, wondering what to do, trying to find a payphone, considering who he could call collect.

Then, out of anger at his empty wallet, the mugger had slammed his face into the mirrored tile, shattering his nose along with the reflection. No, Vegas hadn’t been done with him yet.

He felt the world spun as he tried to wipe blood from his eyes, his splintered reflection unrecognizable.

“Are you okay? Man! That was totally uncalled for!”

Hands helped him up.

“We’ll take care of you buddy.”

Grinning faces surrounded him, guys, all wearing Hawaiian shirts.

“We just won the Powerball, and we’re here to celebrate. Come with us, we’ll make you forget all about this.”

No, Vegas wasn’t done with him yet.


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