Steampunk Nursery Rhymes

As the FairyPunk Studios’ website is down (Hmmm…now seems to be owned by a Japanese company. Hopefully FairyPunk Studios will find a way to bounce back!) I have decided to post these nursery rhymes here. Should they disappear from here, it will be because FairyPunk Studios has found a new home! Meanwhile, you can keep a watch out for them here:

*These re-imagined Steampunk Nursery Rhymes were written by me and put out by FairyPunk Studios for free with the understanding that they were meant to shared and enjoyed, but please credit back to FairyPunk Studios or link back to this page. Don’t plagiarize.

Strike It Hot (Pat-A-Cake, Pat-A-Cake)

Strike it hot, strike it hot, Black Smith’s Son,
I need it fast and you’re the only one!
Tamp it up gently, tap it down hard,
Don’t let it become a wasted shard!

Strike it hot, strike it hot, Black Smith’s Son,
Blow the bellows as hot as the Sun!
Fold the metal carefully, keep the punch cool,
Soon we’ll have a brand new tool!

Strike it hot, strike it hot, Black Smith’s Son,
We’ve only just stared and we have to work a tonne!
Cut it with the Hardy, Temper it well,
Soon we’ll have plenty of tools to sell!


There Was A Twisted Man (There Was A Crooked Man)

There was a twisted man, who owned a twisted mile.
He’d twist you for a sixpence, to pass his twisted aisle.
His twisted ‘bot would catch any attempted wile
And squeeze the life outta ya with a twisted smile.
There was a crooked man
Who straightened a crooked road
He made workers’ backs crooked, and never paid them what he owed.
He charged a crooked toll to ride his crooked rail


New King Coal (Old King Coal)

New King Coal
Has a merry old toll,
A Merry old toll has he:
He calls for a mine, in a very deep hole
And he call for children young as three.
Each miner’s paid a piddle,
And to work in the middle
Of the Earth must he:
O! The Earth is so rare,
None can compare
With the miners who dig for thee


Steam Man Grundy (Solomon Grundy)

Steam Man Grundy
Was Built on a Monday
He was Functioning on Tuesday
And Working on Wednesday
Broken on Thursday
He was Repaired on Friday
Exploded on Saturday
Re-envisioned on Sunday
That was the start
Of Steam Man Grundy

Steam Man Grundy
Moved Slow in January
And Melted Snow in February
He Built an Arch in March
And Was Encased in Steel in April
He Learned to Play in May
And Noticed the Moon in June
A Girl Caught His Eye in July
And Caused His Heart to Rust in August
He Was Forced to Remember in September
And Became Sober in October
For His Race Still Had But One Member in November
His Anger Grew From an Ember in December

Steam Man Grundy
Died in a Second
After Waiting an Hour
He Had Tried for a Day
And Cried for a Week
After Building for a Month
And Planning for a Year
When He Finally Realized Tomorrow is Never Here.

And a Bonus Rhyme that had not yet been put up on their website!

Tinker Tyler (Peter Piper)

Tinker Tyler took a tin of tinseled tethers
Tying tinseled tethers took Tinker Tyler time
Time tabled Tinker Tyler tying tinseled tethers
Now Tinker Tyler ties tinseled tethers all the time.

Tinker Tyler teaches Tiny Tinkers to tie tinseled tethers
Tying tinseled tethers trains Tiny Tinkers’ time.
Tiny Tinkers’ time tying tinseled tethers
Teaches Tinker Tyler’s tinseled tethered time

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