Unicorn Poop

Okay. I don’t have much to say here, not really. But after I ended one of my posts with Unicorn Poop, I thought to myself “Gee… What have other people thought to do with this extremely common and yet useful substance?”

***Caution*** Entering the word ‘poop’ into your web browser will cause nauseating results to appear, even when preceded by words like ‘unicorn’ ***Caution***

Yes, I found out the hard way.

Well, let me show you some of what I found on Unicorn Poop:

At sh*tmykidsruined.com I found a great photo of actual Unicorn Poop, as attested to by a 6 year old. (This seems to pop up in more than one place, so I am not positive it is authentic. It may have been staged.) There is another, more credible finding shown at *Numinosity*.

A video game called DeathSpank lets you use it as a weapon and throw it at your enemies. Ha! Next will have Unicorn Monkeys throwing their own poop.

T-shirts were to be expected, right? I can’t really advocate any of them. They offend too many sensibilities. The cupcakes made me laugh though.

There were a couple of YouTube videos I just didn’t comprehend, but that’s nothing unusual.

There are multiple Facebook Pages! Honest! I can’t really recommend them, as they seem to be nothing but nonsense, but hey, look at the subject matter…

There is a ‘wanted’ ad for Unicorn Poop Fertility Pills. I’ll keep an eye out for them.

The Urban Dictionary had a definition I actually kind of liked. Usually the stuff there is too profane for me. But I think Unicorn Poop is a great name for the bogus happy tweets and Facebook posts people do.

It appears there was, once upon a time, a NationState called Rainbow Unicorn Poop. This appears to be an abandoned state in an on online simulation game.

And last, but not at all least, the Unicorn Poop Soap was a refreshing idea after all of the other things I had seen.

I shouldn’t have been surprised to find over 1.28 million results on Google for this search, but I was. So many many things people have done with Unicorn Poop, an idea I wrongly thought would be very niche. So take this to emphasize my point from my previous post Originality or the Lack Thereof. Bit of advice though? Try to stay away from the vulgar… there really is little originality left in that particular area.


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