Exciting Things Coming Soon!

I have TWO new stories coming out in anthologies that are up for pre-order now!

Whoever Writes Monsters is a short story about a successful “screamplay” writer who has finally run low on inspiration, despite his muse’s prodding.

How far will his muse go to re-instill horror into the writer’s heart? Too far…

This story was mentioned in a Publishers Weekly starred review of Monsters, Movies, and Mayhem. The anthology was the first produced from Kevin J. Anderson’s Masters degree program in Publishing for Western Colorado University.

It is up for pre-order now!

Lounging with the Lizardmen can be found in Castle of Horror Anthology Volume 3, June, 2020. Edited by Jason Henderson, published by Castle Bridge Media.

Ham’s summer vacation has been turned into a summer staycation by his parents’ relocation to South Carolina. If the heat doesn’t kill him, the boredom will. Unless the lizardmen get him first…

It’s up for pre-order now as well!