Something to Pass the Time

Hi there! I’m Sam.

You probably don’t know me, but that’s all right. I want to give you something anyway.

I’d like to give you a free ebook, no strings attached.


In the next few weeks, a lot of us are going to be stressed out and anxious, and we are going to be asked not to go places. That means not do things. That means stay at home, and that usually means some of us get MORE stressed out, anxious, lonely, and depressed.

I can’t really do much about that. But I can offer you a free copy of one of my ebooks.

You don’t have to sign up for anything. I don’t need your e-mail. You don’t even need to worry about the download because it will come from a trusted store.

If you decide you want to leave a review, great! But you don’t have to. If you want to buy another of my books, great! But you don’t have to.

This is my gift to you. Hopefully it will distract you for an evening when you need distracted. If you know someone else who might want the distraction, tell them about it.

Meanwhile, please be safe. Take care of youself. Use common sense. Be nice to others. We’ll get through this.

Hopefully Amazon will make it free, too, as a price match, but they don’t let me set it free there. Meanwhile, it is free at these places!

A Whiskey Jack in a Murder of Crows

Rainbow County California

Unrivaled sunsets, placid lakeside orchards, pleasant mountain vineyards, and a rural lifestyle.

The only thing stopping this place from being idyllic is the noise from the cars on the highway. And murder.

Left for dead, helpless as he watched the murder of his family, Jack is a broken man.

Six months later, Jack is attempting to recover, both in body and in soul, at a vineyard he inherited from his uncle.

California Wine Country seems like a good place to start over and escape the nightmares of his daughter’s dying cries.

Until the local barkeep confides Jack’s uncle was murdered.