Christmas Tree Presence

Just in time for the winter holidays! Castle of Horror Podcast presents Castle of Horror Anthology Volume Two: Holiday Horrors

It is up for pre-order now and will release on Nov 16th in paperback and ebook!

My story in this is Christmas Tree Presence

Christmas Tree Presence is a Christmas horror story about a Christmas Tree you don’t want to mess with! Don’t read it alone after you put your tree up… Muhuahuaha!

The Castle of Horror Anthology is BACK with a collection of horror stories around the holidays, including but not exclusively the ones around the end of the year. We’ve reached out to the world’s most skilled horroricians (TM) to bring you this new collection of work, so settle in with a cup of egg nog and join us! We’ve got sly demon horror from Tony Bloodworth (in the second part of a long tale begun in the Castle of Horror Anthology, Volume 1), summer holiday river tubing horror from Jason Henderson (our fearless editor), pre-Columbian-demon-hunting horror/action from David Bowles, creepy Hannukah horror from Sarah Stegall, Christmas pervy horror from PJ Hoover, SAW-like Christmas survival/puzzle horror from In Churl Yo, autumnal coming-of-age ghost horror from Michael Aronovitz, sad, dreadful, druidic Christmas tree horror from Sam Knight, gothic werewolf/Krampus action horror from Stephen D Sullivan, Christmas science fiction bio-horror from David Boop, and Jersey-accented Santa action horror from @John Helfers. Join us– and be sure and pick up our other volume(s) on the way out!