Blazing Uncanny Trails- an anthology of Sam Knight’s Weird Westerns

I am excited to announce a collection of nine of my Weird Western stories, including 2 never before published! Available for pre-order now, releasing on 8/31/17, in e-book and print versions, including a Hardcover Edition and a LARGE PRINT Edition for those of us who hate our reading glasses! (The Large Print Edition has been discounted at Barnes&Noble!)

Blazing Uncanny Trails

Lizard Men, Thunder Birds, Ghosts, Gods, and Monsters live in the Wild West.

May God have mercy on those poor souls unlucky enough to run into them.

9 Weird Western short stories by Sam Knight, including one co-authored with Rhye Manhattan and two new, never-before published stories!

Old Snorter
Moshito Masquine
Working the Salt Mine
Uncle Benjamin’s Triple ‘T’ Tonic
Tracking Old Mose
Running from the Thunder
From Out of the Storm
The Offspring*
The Dead Moon*

*never before published


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