I will be at COSine in Colorado Springs this weekend!

I will be at COSine this weekend, January 20-22, 2017.

I will also have a few (10 to be exact) advance copies of Planet of the Apes:Tales from the Forbidden Zone for sale! (It doesn’t officially go on sale until the 24th!)

POTA Tales from the Forbidden Zone

I will be in the Dealer’s Room on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and I have the following panel schedule:


11-noon    Characters in Combat (Breckenridge)
3-4 pm   How to Make your Monsters Real (Breckenridge)
4-5 pm   Undead or Just Lame?  Are we overusing zombies and other paranormal critters (Rampart)

10-11am   How much does that Star Cruiser cost – fictional economics  (Breckenridge)

Hope to see you there!