RadCon Here I Come!

I just spent the weekend at Superstars Writing Seminars and once again am in awe of the people and the program. If you are considering attending, it is at the lowest price point to attend next year right now!

But now I am packing again all ready! I am heading to Pasco, Washington for RadCon! Yay! (Here is their Facebook Page for latest updates on everything!)

It will be nice to spend two weekends in a row with Frog and Esther Jones, authors of the Gift of Grace series.

Grace Under Fire Full cover

The third book of which is to be released at RadCon. Yay!

(or you can pre-order now)


My panels for the con (subject to change!) are (cut and pasted from the spreadsheet, so please forgive!):

Fri Feb 12 3:00:pm Fri Feb 12 4:00:pm Finding Time to Write
2203 Are you waiting for that office over-looking a lake where you have all the time you want to write? Forget it! Most writers have day jobs, kids, sick people to care for…you know, lives. Where do you find the time to write when you don’t have the time to write? It can be done.
Dr. Elizabeth Wilmerding Jeanette Bennett Sam Knight

Fri Feb 12 4:15:pm Fri Feb 12 5:15:pm Is It True You Always Have Story Ideas?
2201 Audience members toss out ideas and genres for panelists to respond to with story ideas.
Eytan Kollin Joyce Reynolds-Ward Sam Knight

Fri Feb 12 8:00:pm Fri Feb 12 9:00:pm Quickies!
Reading (2211) Authors read their flash fiction stories of 1000 words or less. Since they are so quick, we might even get in multiples!
Sam Knight

Sat Feb 13 11:15:am Sat Feb 13 12:15:pm I Am (Want To Be) A Writer, But I Need Some Questions Answered!
2203 How do you self publish? Should you self publish? Do I need an agent? Why? Should I use a Pen Name? What if I do? I heard… but then I heard…? Bring your burning questions about being a writer, and we will do our best to salve them!
David Boop David Brown Kaye Thornbrugh Mark Ferrari MH (Maggie) Bonham Sam Knight

Sat Feb 13 2:30:pm Sat Feb 13 3:00:pm Sam Knight
Reading (2211) Sam Knight reads from a selected work.
Sam Knight

Sat Feb 13 5:30:pm Sat Feb 13 6:30:pm Writing for Hobby vs. Writing for Career
2203 You love huddling in your writing cave, chatting with your favorite imaginary people. It’s cathartic. It’s comforting. But now you are ready to share your work with the rest of the world. How will that change your relationship with your writing? Is that really what you want for your writing?
David Boop Judy Johnson Sam Knight Tonya Macalino Vanessa MacLellan

Sat Feb 13 6:45:pm Sat Feb 13 7:45:pm Authors of WordFire Press
Reading (2211) David Boop, Manny Frishburg, Eytan Kollin, Jeff Sturgeon, Josh Vogt. What’s so different about WordFire Press that these six author/artist have thrown in with them? Come discuss a new revolution in Publishing?
David Boop Eytan Kollin Jeff Sturgeon Josh Vogt Sam Knight

Sat Feb 13 8:00:pm Sat Feb 13 9:00:pm Sex, Violence, and Other “Adult Stuff” in Kids’ Books
2203 Should we be concerned about “adult stuff” being portrayed in books written for teens? What about younger ages? While some see this as a growing problem, others see it as realism through a fantasy lens beneficial for discussion starters and learning opportunities. Let’s discuss what can be considered as writers, parents, or educators.
Gibbitt Rhys-Jones J Tullos Hennig Sam Knight Tamra Excell

Sat Feb 13 9:15:pm Sat Feb 13 10:15:pm Oh, no. They did NOT just go there!
2201 From Zombie Erotica and Dinosaur Porn to Teenage Serial Killers and Omnipotent Genocidal Maniacs, writers talk about what they would and wouldn’t write about, and why. Bring your sense of humor and leave your judgmental tenancies behind.
Gibbitt Rhys-Jones Rhiannon Louve Sam Knight

Sun Feb 14 1:45:pm Sun Feb 14 2:45:pm To Outline or Not to Outline
2203 Do you sit down in front of the keyboard and the story just spills out, taking you places you didn’t know you wanted to go or do you write your first scene, then find you are stuck? If the latter, you might be an outliner!
Dr. Elizabeth Wilmerding Kaye Thornbrugh S. Evan Townsend Sam Knight Tom Gondolfii