The Week of the Zombie!

This last week has been all about zombies for me. I’ve thought about them, drawn them (well, digitally manipulated images anyway), written about them, edited, corrected, proofed, and published them.

Like so many things, it just happened that way. I finally finished the children’s book I’ve been working on for so long. (Hey, I’m a writer, not an artist. Art takes me a long time. And then you’re not allowed to tease me about it afterwards!)

There Was a Gross Zombie Who Swallowed a Plane should be available for purchase through Amazon and Createspace by the end of this week. *Edit* Available Now!

Zombie cover thumbnail

Perfect for the kids at that age where they love gross things. The zombie swallows a toy plane. I don’t know why he swallowed a plane. Zombies are supposed to eat brains! He then moves on eating other gross things to solve his problem. (He swallows gum to soften the fish bones that he swallowed to wrap up the booger he swallowed to trap the plane… you get the idea.) The repetitive nature of the story, mixed with the gross factor (not to mention zombie!), makes it perfect to catch the attention of the intermediate reader or the older sibling who wants to gross them out.

On a completely different note, yet still undead, I just released I Fell In Love With a Lesbian at the Zombie Luau.

zombie luau cover small

This is a short story I have been partial to for a couple of years now, but was unable to place. In a fit of angst and in a final attempt to keep this undead story alive, I released it on e-book only. It is up now on Kindle, Kobo, Nook, and Smashwords.

It’s only 99¢. It also only a short story. I would sell it for 50¢ if I could, but 99¢ is the lowest anywhere will let me. But hey! For less than a cup of coffee, it can be yours forever. It will entertain you every time you read it (lets see coffee do that!) and you can share it with someone without passing cooties. As long as everyone’s hands are clean while passing your e-reader back and forth.