Steampunk: The Other Worlds

Steampunk The Other Worlds

Steampunk: The Other Worlds is finally available for sale, having enjoyed its launch at AnomalyCon!

“Planet Ho!”

A cry not so different from one found in our own history. A cry of excitement for the end of a journey and of adventure still yet to come. A cry of explorers and pirates alike.

What if æther had filled the void between the stars? How soon would humans have left Terra in search of riches and adventure beyond imagination? What wonders would they have found?

Science fiction has been fascinated with other worlds for longer than it has been recognized as a genre. Although Steampunk is more often Fantasy than Science Fiction, it is based on the idea that science worked the way (many) people in the 1800’s believed science to work.

In that spirit, we venture out into the dark unknown beyond our world (whilst staying within the safety of these pages!) using the technologies of what might have been to find what could have been.

Come ride with us on sentient airships, on trains following tracks laid across living trees, and in giant steam engines that eat up the landscape without the need of tracks. Help us discover the true evil that destroyed a planet, or determine if an evil was truly benign. Farm alien planets, survive alien deserts, and explore the unknown in Steampunk: The Other Worlds!