Anti-information from Sam Knight!

Can’t get enough of Sam Knight’s confusing, convoluted, rambling wit and witticisms? Also occasionally known as “jackassery”. Well, Never Fear! Two Guest Blogs are here!

Today you can find anti-advice on Nom de Plumes at Nathan Barra’s Blogs, Books, and Brews website here:

It’s got a great title! Nano Nano Nano – Batman!  I thought of it myself!

*ouch*! Sorry. Hurt my arm patting myself on the back there.  Need to do that more often, work those muscles I guess…

And/Or (depending on which you find more to your taste or if you are out for all the jackassery you can get from Sam Knight in one day (the only way to get more is to come see me at a Con!))

Today The Fictorians have the post Fail to Win!

Which only a master of jackassery like Sam would turn in when asked for a blog about setting goals! (Don’t try this at home, kids. Do it in public places where you can get help after you’ve fallen and can’t get up!)

You can read that here:

On the entirely probable chance you would like to read more “advice” from Sam Knight at The Fictorians, you can find it here: