“Working the Salt Mine” and “Real Bullets”

What a time I had here! None of this was planned, it just sort of happened!

The latest issue of Science Fiction Trails, Issue Number 11, has just released.


What do you think of the cover? (I did that…)

Also included is a flash fiction gunfight I wrote titled “Real Bullets.”  The idea behind this was the editor wanted to include short (less than 300 words) gunfight stories in this issue. If you’re ready for a quick draw, this issue is the place to be!

ALSO included (See! This is what I meant by this was not planned! It just happened this way!) is my story “Working the Salt Mine.” A story about a lone miner working his claim all alone out in the middle of nowhere. But we all know he’s not really alone, right?


Available at Amazon and CreateSpace