The Return of Captain Samjack?


Captain Samjack’s Terror Emporium is a steampunk story available in Penny Dread Tales Volume III.

It is an 11,000 + word “short story”. I was lucky the editor was willing to take it in spite of its size. And I had to do a lot of cutting to keep it that short. I also left out a lot of things I wanted to put into the story. In the end, I really felt like I hadn’t explored the “terror” part, and I had gone into the story with a very specific thing in mind that never got written because of word constraints.

Well, what comes around goes around, and soon my schedule will have an opening in it for me to revisit the story and add in the things that I really wanted in the story to start with!

Meanwhile, I’ve been playing with art related to the story. It’s kind of like playing with legos or action figures. All right. It’s like playing with dolls. It gives me a chance to keep visualizing and imagining while I am making up stories in my head. It helps me get excited about what I’m doing.

So, I thought I would share some “works in progress”. You may or may not see parts of these somewhere else in the future.


Samjack on horse Photoshop samjackasamjack alone on horse metal tail