Things We See


Sometimes, we find out later that we didn’t see something we can’t believe we missed.

Sometimes, we look for things but can’t find them.

Sometimes, we see things we can’t forget, can’t ignore, can’t live with.

If we use the term ‘see’ interchangeably with ‘comprehend,’ we get to the heart of a very good story with these three situations. These can be life-changing moments. These can be things that haunt us or drive us everyday for the rest of our lives. They can color our every decision, make us re-think every choice. They can be the guiding force behind an entire life.

The reverse is also true.

Having never seen, never noticed, never tried to notice, a person can fall into an ignorance that is quickly and easily recognized by others. An undeserved bravado, an overconfidence, a false understanding.

What drives you? Something you’ve seen? Something you missed? Or do you stumble through with a blissful grin on your face, wondering what everyone else’s problem is?


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