Did They Use Magnets to Build the Pyramids?

Have you ever heard of Edward Leedskalnin? I’m pretty sure you’d remember the name. It stands right out and grabs you just like Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, doesn’t it? I mean, it did me. Actually, no it didn’t. I have a really hard time remembering his name. But after the first time I heard of the man, I never forgot him.

When I was a kid, he set off my imagination in a way that only the dinosaurs had- and he’d already been dead for years. Whenever people ask “If you could have a conversation with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?” Mr. Leedsklnin comes to the front of my mind. I rarely mention him, because of the eye-rolling that ensues, but, well, there you have it.

Over the course of 28 years, Edward Leedskalnin built something call the Coral Castle -ALL BY HIMSELF.


Now at first this might not seem like much, but when you start to look closer, you realize just how big some of these coral blocks are…




On average, the blocks in the castle weigh 15 tons, with the largest weighing in at 30 tons. 800px-Coral_Castle_3


Remember what I said before? HE DID IT ALL BY HIMSELF.



This is a 9 ton gate that, when built, was balanced so well, it could be spun with one finger. When the gate stopped working, it took a crane to fix it. But Edward Leedskalnin built it all by himself.

He worked alone, at night so that no one could see him. No one ever saw any kind of tools that were unusual or out of place. No one knows how he did it.

In 1936, he moved EVERYTHING he had already built 10 miles to a new location to get away from land developers.  All by himself.

The stones are all cut and fit together without mortar. He shaped them so well, they didn’t need it.

Sure starts to look a lot like the ancient ruins people claim aliens built, doesn’t it? But Mr. Leedskalnin did it in modern times. By himself.

He refused to tell anyone how he did it. He would only say that he had “discovered the secrets of the pyramids.”

The Coral Castle is now a museum, and you can find much more information on their website.

Oh, the magnetism part? That thing I mentioned back in the title?

Turns out Mr. Leedskalnin published a couple of books on magnetism. Some people believe that he found a way to use magnetism to move the blocks, and perhaps even to shape them. His notes have been poured over for clues as to how he did this. If you want to take a shot at it, you can order Ed Leedskalnin’s Original Complete Writings from the museum.

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