Inspiring Art for A Little Bird Told Me

So, some of you may have heard that Sam Knight has been playing around with art lately. He thought you might like to take a peek at some, so here is one piece that is a case of art-life imitating art.  (Meaning Sam made this and liked it so much he had to come up with a story to go with it!)

(Also Sam wanted to apologize for the watermarking. He has had some friends who have had problems with their art showing up on other people’s websites attributed to someone who did not do it. Not that Sam Knight will ever have that problem, but, you know…)

A Little Bird Told Me

The story Sam Knight wrote to go with this picture is titled A Little Bird Told Me.

He has submitted the story to an anthology tentatively titled: Strength From Within: Stories of Recovery to Fund Asbury House.  The website says “Strength From Within aims to examine addiction and recovery through the lens of fantasy.” and “All profits are to go to Asbury House. The support from this project will go to give Asbury House a home in Fort Collins, CO and give dozens of women the space to learn their strengths and build on them to recover.”


“The mission of Asbury House is to provide a safe, holistic, and healthy physical environment where women are empowered to collaboratively develop their healing process keeping in mind their relationships with their families, communities, and environments, so that they are able to make more meaningful choices and achieve successful relationships, life goals, and economic productivity on their chosen paths.”

So while, as of this writing, Sam Knight’s story has not been accepted, it also has not been rejected. We shall see!

Also, as a side-note. Sam Knight was instructed by his publicist that he needs to write these things in 3rd person to make the search engines take note of the name Sam Knight. Sam is not sure how he feels about this, but I can tell you it feels a bit awkward. I am considering putting this disclaimer at the bottom of everything I have to do this way, just so you know it was me and not an unpaid intern slaving away for a chance to use me to meet someone really cool.

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