Blazing Uncanny Trails 2

I am excited to announce:

Blazing Uncanny Trails 2

Aliens, Madmen, Swindlers, Ghosts, Gods, and Monsters live in the Wild West.
May God have mercy on those poor souls unlucky enough to run into them.

10 Weird Western short stories by Sam Knight.

Captain Samjack’s Terror Emporium
A Better Place to Die
Bite the Bullet
Gasper the Ghost Hunting Goldfish
Smote by Red Lightning
Tinker, Tailor, Toy Soldier Maker
The Buffalo Hunters
The Spirit of the Grift
Going to Hell on the Noon Train
Stairway to Hell*

*previously unpublished.

It seems like a long time coming, but then it was! My second collection weird western stories has finally come together. It seems like only yesterday that I didn’t really believe I would ever have a story published!

Ebooks are out now, popping up all over the place randomly. The print versions will appear anytime soon, and, there is even, once again, a hardcover version going to be out there! Soon… very soon… like, I hope tomorrow, type of soon.

I’ve been working on a quick video to go with it, like I did for the first Blazing Uncanny Trails, but I don’t have the same software I once did. Not sure how it will turn out. Head on over to my Facebook page to see, if you are interested!