Pre-Orders are up now for Well… It’s Your Cow: An Anecdotal Anthology


Pre-orders are up now for  Well… It’s Your Cow: An Anecdotal Anthology!

“In the throes of a convention full of geeks, Frog Jones told a story.

That story is found in this book’s foreword, but the key line from the story became the title of this anthology. The authors seized upon that line, much like an out-of-control bovine seizing its own halter, and stampeded into the volume you see before you.

This is not just a comedy anthology. Nor is it horror, or romance, or literary, or…well, any one thing. Rather, it is all those things. Each story starts exactly in the same place. But each author immediately leaps from there into their own world. This anthology celebrates the creativity of these authors, because it does not shackle them to a theme. The starting line is the same–the finish line is on other planets, in other times, and in alternate realities.

You’re not going to feel cohesiveness reading this thing. It’s not going to be several stories hitting the same note. But you are going to experience a wider panoply of stories than you would in other anthologies.

And as to what you make of them, or what stories they may inspire in you? Well…that’s your cow.”


What was my contribution to this anthology? I am excited to say I landed the lead story-and the one the cover is based upon! While you might think you know what you’re getting by looking at the cover, just like every story starts with “Well… It’s Your Cow” and you don’t know where it’s going from there, that cover only shows the start of my story…

I was very flattered to have been invited to this anthology and am very excited to be a part of it. I hope you’ll check it out!


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