Fetish Keyboards

Writers tend to have fetishes about certain writerly-related things. I don’t mean sexual fetishes (although with some writers you never know…), I mean the other definition:

2.  an inanimate object worshiped for its supposed magical powers or because it is considered to be inhabited by a spirit.
synonyms: juju, talisman, charm, amulet

-from Google dictionary

Sometimes these are first edition books, or old typewriters, quill pens, or silly erasers.

But sometimes the more modern things start to creep in. Here are some of the really cool ones I spotted while daydreaming instead of writing.

*Note: I am not recommending, and have not tried, any of these. I was just admiring and thought I would share. Most of them I couldn’t justify the expense of purchase. I use a (kind of) ergonomic cheap keyboard. My fat hands don’t work well on tiny, old fashioned keyboards. They also don’t work well on the wide-set, actually ergonomic things. I also can’t deal with dvorak keyboards.

*Just in case you didn’t know what a dvorak keyboard was.


A nice “retro” keyboard.

A fancy copper finished “retro” keyboard.

One that is really starting to look like a typewriter!

Something a little more “modern” looking. Reminds me of a 1960’s vision of what the future would hold.

Something for that writer who needs a little more magic in their life!



For the explorer! Reminiscent of old, rolled up, sea maps. Monfters Be Heare!


For the person with too much money who likes to wipe fingerprints off all the time!



This one makes me think of living in a hut, on the beach, sipping mai tias and writing all day…*sigh*


Not exactly a keyboard, but it gives me a Star Trek TNG feel!

as does this laser projected keyboard! (But not as much.)


This reminds me of some game I had as a kid, where we strapped paddles to our hands and then… I don’t remember. Probably tried to hit each other. Heck, back then, that probably was the game.


For the octopus in all of us!


And I’m glad these one-handed keyboards exist for those who need them, but I can’t imagine (and pray I would never need to) learning how to use one!

When I found myself drooling over things like these, I knew it was time to stop looking! (But I didn’t!)

(Go the the website and look at the rest of this one! Holy Moly!)

Captain Nemo is jealous, I’m sure!

And finally, the breakfast keyboard! For that author you need to remind to get back to work. Which is what I am going to do now. Right after I go eat. Waffles sound good for some reason…