2 chances to win a Copy of Straight Outta Tombstone!

Fellow author Peter J. Wacks is hosting a giveaway of Straight Outta Tombstone. You can win a copy by following the link on his Twitter post here!

This whole thing has been very exciting for me! I woke up this morning to see this on Facebook from Editor David Boop:

It’s happened! Before midnight, ALL my authors became Amazon Bestsellers, and I’m a best-selling editor! Shazam!!! “


Yay! I found this to be very exciting! In fact this was so exciting for me, I decided to host my own giveaway! So, if you don’t win a copy from Peter’s giveaway, here’s a chance to try again, on me!

Just follow this link and see if you win!

Please consider sharing this so someone else has a chance to win, too!