I will be a speaker at the 2017 Pikes Peak Writers Conference

I am excited and humbled to announce that I will be a speaker at this year’s Pikes Peak Writers Conference, April 28-30, 2017 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Pikes Peak Writers Conference

The Pikes Peak Writers Conference is a three-day long (four with the “prequel” day workshops on April 27th) excursion into the world of writing full of workshops, keynote speakers, one-on-one opportunities with agents and authors, and, of course, great opportunities to network and create lasting friendships/partnerships with your fellow writers.

While the schedule hasn’t been finalized yet, I will be presenting Beginner to Intermediate level talks (with Q&A) on:

Things to consider before you submit to an editor—ANY editor.

What do I need to know how to do, in order to self-publish?


Short Stories: Good for the novelist, good for the career, good for the soul.

I hope to see you there!