Need an Election Distraction?

If you decide you need a break from all the craziness today, here are two places you can go to read some FREE stories written by me! They are all pretty short, so you can read one or two while waiting in line to vote.

The ones on AuthorPage are formatted to be easy to read in a browser on a mobile device. Wattpad has an app you can download for reading on your mobile device at a later time, if you think you’ll want to read when you can’t connect to the internet.

Yes, yes, I know. These are all “darker” stories. But then again,I am sure they are still brighter than your mood about the election.

The stories are the same at both AuthorPage and Wattpad, and both places are free.

AuthorPage                                                           Wattpad


What will you find there? These:

vampiric-reconing pumpkin-head Ahi's Story cover Bernardo's Story red unicorn cover legend of puke and stud catching the dead eye special