Rabbit Holes

Doing research is fun. A little too fun. Sometimes it’s called “going down the rabbit hole” because, like Alice, you will get swept up into wondrous places you never imagined that can change you forever, and you might never find your way back. Here are some fun rabbit holes:

The Urban Dictionary– This is a great place to keep up on all that modern lingo you come across on the internet your old foggy brain can’t figure out. Beware! This is so NSFW (Not Safe For Work). While you will learn interesting and unusual things here, you will also come across people doing their damnedest to gross you out and ruin your life with things you didn’t want to imagine.

Snopes- One of the best places to find out that a rumor isn’t (or maybe is!) true. They do a pretty good job of vetting things out and explaining where the ideas came from. Here is a great one to start with!  http://www.snopes.com/cuban-refugees-clinging-to-air-force-one/

Which leads right into…

The Onion– while this is a farcical, fictional paper, it flies close enough to the truth to fool a lot of the people a lot of the time.

TV Tropes – a great list of (overused) story lines with examples. Not just for TV and movies! There is so much to be learned here if you are a lover or writer of stories.