Freakend Madness

Freakend Madness

“A long time ago, on a Facebook page far away, a nightmare was created. An author, trapped in a hotel room with nothing to do for a weekend, put out a call for other authors to write a short horror story over the weekend. The only requirements were that they be done that weekend. Many authors jumped at the challenge, a few even survived it.”

So begins the introduction to this anthology I am excited to announce the release of (an anthology I edited and contributed to).

“Over one frenzied weekend, a group of up-and-coming dark fiction writers decided to write a short story or two. Together, they produced the tales collected in this anthology in support of Asbury House, a women’s shelter in Fort Collins, Colorado. For some of the authors, this is their first-ever publication. We appreciate your support of new writers, authors who have been publishing for years, and especially your support of Asbury House.”

This is a charity anthology with proceeds going to:

Stories and time were donated for this. For some of the authors, this is their first-ever publication, and they put a lot of work into their stories.

I am really proud of them for not giving up when the edits starting coming back to them.

If you can, please support them, and their contribution to support Asbury House.

For sale at Amazon here.