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Shelving the Elf


Sam Knight


For almost month now, the little stuffed elf had watched her every move. Cindy didn’t know how much more she could take.

It showed up in her bedroom and her parents announced the elf had told them she needed to clean her room. It appeared next to the toy box, and they told her to clean up the toys. It sat on the kitchen table, and she had to clean up her dirty dishes. It showed up with a plastic bag, and Cindy had to go clean up the dog poop in the back yard, like she had promised in order to get a puppy.

The tattle-tale elf would tell Santa everything she did wrong. Even worse, it made suggestions for more work for Cindy to do. And if she didn’t do it, it would tell Santa she was bad, and then she wouldn’t get any presents.

Cindy hated it.

But she couldn’t get rid of it. What if it stopped reporting to Santa? Santa would know something had happened.

So Cindy bided her time and succumbed to the elf’s blackmail.

She waited until Christmas Eve, after her parents went to bed and after Santa must have already left the North Pole, and then she recruited her dog, Charlie, to help.

Cindy set Charlie on guard duty, watching the elf, and making sure it couldn’t leave with Santa.

On Christmas morning, all her parents found was fluff—and Cindy and Charlie opening presents with big Christmas grins.



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