A Whiskey Jack in a Murder of Crows

**Advance Review by author Mark Stone!**

“…reading it was like sitting in front of a fireplace sipping an ice cold vodka. The slow burn of the alcohol, the toastiness of the fire…relaxing. Satisfying.”

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WhiskeyJack_MurderofCrows (Lance Card) 

Rainbow County California

 Unrivaled sunsets, placid lakeside orchards, pleasant mountain vineyards, and a rural lifestyle.
 The only thing that stopped this place from being idyllic was the noise from the cars on the highway. And murder.

Left for dead, helpless as he watched the murder of his family, Jack is a broken man.

Six months later, Jack is attempting to recover, both in body and in soul, at a vineyard he inherited from his uncle. California Wine Country seems like a good place to start over and escape the nightmares of his daughter’s dying cries.

Until the local barkeep tells Jack his uncle was murdered.

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