Our Ancestors Had No Imaginations

Our ancestors had no imaginations. None. They were thoughtless brutes scrabbling in the mud for grubs to fight over.

So remember, when you see the pyramids, it had to have been aliens that planned them out and built them, or at the very least told the knuckle-draggers how to do it.


Remember when you see Crop Circles, humans never could have done that!


And when the Ancient, Wise, Truthful scholars report what had been seen, what had caused a phenomena, they were always right! They NEVER made anything up, because they had no imaginations.



And children never have mastery of new technologies, so they could never perpetrate a hoax! Not to mention, when some of the brightest minds of the day are convinced that it is real, it must be!



No, our ancestors had no imaginations. When we find things they left behind, we must assume that they were based upon things they had really seen. When they drew a picture of a helicopter, that must have been what it was.


When they wrote the ancient texts that talk of winged creatures, flying machines, and earth-shattering wars, they were writing the truth. They had no imaginations. Unlike us.


We modern humans have just enough imagination to realize that our ancestors did not understand the wonder things they were seeing! No! If only one of us had been there to document what was really happening! Then we would have our proof that aliens were real! Maybe we would find Jesus was real, and he could walk on water, and he was an alien, and he was the son of god! What if they were all right?

No, they couldn’t all be right. No. Some of the ancients just didn’t understand what it was they were seeing. That’s why there are discrepancies.

Because they didn’t have any imagination at all. It had to all be real. It was just misunderstood. No one ever wrote anything for entertainment. No one ever pulled a joke on someone else. No one ever dreamed of flying, or going to the moon, or what happens after we die. They only drew what they saw, wrote of what happened, and did what the aliens told them to do.



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