Bizarre Beasts

Appropriate for Halloween, I guess.

Looking for ideas for a monster? Tired of the craptastic SyFy movies always being about giant snakes and sharks? Ready to write your own? Here are some real creatures that can start your creative juices flowing!

* I don’t usually use photos, as I respect other people’s work and copyrights, but felt this time would be an appropriate exception. To the best of my knowledge, all images are public domain. If you feel I am using your image without permission, please contact me immediately. There are better images out there for all of these creatures, so if they catch your eye, go look for them!

Helicoprion or whorl-tooth shark

File:Helicoprion bessonovi1DB.jpg


Longnose Chimera

Giant Isopod think giant roly-poly. Except they are more like the sow bug, they can’t roll up.

Mantis Shrimp Interestingly, this shrimp can snap its claws so fast it creates sonoluminescence -light caused by the vibrations of bubbles in a liquid.

 File:Mantis shrimp from front.jpg

The Goblin Shark  check out the video here. Talk about Alien! Seriously, check out the video.

The Sunfish  This:

grows into this:


Narwhal -this is where the legend of the unicorn is thought to have originated.

Giant Weta

Giant Water Bug with eggs on its back. Also known as a ‘toe-biter.’ They about the size of your palm and have a man sting!


There are so many strange and wonderful creatures on our planet, we could be inspired the rest of our lives. But if that is not enough for you, try searching for ‘weird animals’ and keep your eyes open for the retouched photos out there. Some are fantastic!